Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Our dog Snoopy Halloween 2014

I can't believe its Halloween again! We have been doing the Trick or Treating thing for 27 consecutive years! YIKES! We have had just about every costume known to man. In our younger days, when we actually had energy, we would do cool stuff outside, nothing gross just fun for the kids in the neighborhood.
 Jessica & Cory 1990

 Jessica 2012

 Mitchell and Kaylee 2012

 Kati, Cory, Jessica and me 1991

Halloween 2013

As a kid, I, like most kids loved Halloween. I would go treat or treating with my two friends Holly and Shane and our moms. Let me give you a little history on those two. Shane's mom was the most creative person I have ever met. She was the mother of 7 and made all of their Halloween costumes. Holly's mom was also very creative, but her dad, well he built robots in the 70's, so you can imagine what her costumes were like.  Me, well I had the latest TV show character that i'm sure was a Kresge's blue light special. So I didn't have a chance of winning 1st place in the local churches Best Halloween costume contest! Oh well we still had fun and some of my fondest memories are from those Halloween's!
Holly, Shane and Me 1974

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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