Monday, January 23, 2017

The truth about Addiction Part 2

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I am writing this post as I like to touch upon addiction at least once a month through my blogging.I don't think people really get what it entails to have a loved one with an addiction unless you have been through it yourself. In my case we are talking about a child, my son.

People say all the cliche things like, "it must be so hard"," I will be praying"," hes just going to have to learn through his bad decisions", etc. And YES I understand people are trying to help and saying nothing isn't good either. People want to help but also don't want to but in to a very sensitive family issue such as addition. A listening, non judge mental ear is priceless and well invited in most cases.

Why is it in life we must go through the pain of things to have REAL compassion for others. I am so guilty of this its not even funny!!! How bad can labor really be...Migraines, just suck it up, period cramps, just deal. Watching a kid scream through dinner at a restaurant...They need to discipline that kid!!! Your teenager got a DUI, kick him/her out of your house! I could go on and on and on ON how judge mental we can be without really knowing it. Life has a way of kicking us right in the face and its not pretty and its not expected.

I never imagined that we would have a child with an addiction!
I never imagined how hard it would be if I did, and on so many levels.

This morning as I am sitting here on my computer in the kitchen to my left I have an empty room that was once occupied by my son. Everything he owns is still in there, shoes, clothes, his favorite blanket, contacts, etc. As I walk by I see the pictures on his wall of when he was first seed of his tennis team in high school, I see the trophies he has one for all state in soccer. I see his college diploma that has yet to be used and that he got only by the grace of God...and I see the collage that I made him years ago that starts with his baby picture and goes every year until his graduation picture. I see the pile of his favorite things lying on his bed that his little brother has collected for him in hopes he will be home soon...I see the hope in my family's eyes that maybe this time will be the magic time that rehab will help. I feel my heart weighing heavy but trying to be strong for everyone else. I see my husband, who loves him dearly and has coached him for so many years, growing old right before my eyes as the stress has not been a friend to him.

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See addiction is so so multi facet and is so deep that no one person can tell you enough to really have you understand it unless you deal with it yourself, which I pray to God you will never have to as I wouldn't wish it on anyone ever! It is so hard to see the child you knew and love slowly disappear before your eyes and not being able to really help. I thank God that now we do have fairly descent rehab centers. Still mental illness is not acknowledged as being as worthy for research funding and insurance help as physical illnesses and somehow seen as a choice and bad behavior.

I pray that someday in the near future we will have more resources and help with addictions and mental illnesses and I pray it will be in time to save my son...

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Friday, January 20, 2017

My New Business!!!

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Happy Friday!!!

 Over the years I have seen many friends sell candles, bags, jewelry, makeup, kitchen items, etc. I have been urged over and over again to become a rep for just about all of these and never felt inclined to do so. I just never wanted to push anything on friends that they didn't really want but felt sorry for me so they bought anyway!

This Christmas as I mentioned in a past post, Jessica got me some holiday leggings. I have never been a HUGE print legging person but I have always like plain ones but honestly never really liked the way they fit! Well I put these on and OMG I was in love. They are the most comfortable leggings ever and they look amazing! So I ended up buying more and more and more. Last week I even wore a dressier pair to a funeral with a long sweater and it was dressy enough. Every time I have worn a pair somewhere people ask me about them and want to order some for themselves.

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  I know A lot of people LOVE the LuLaroe leggings but I have never been a fan. I don't like the patterns and didn't like how they held up after a couple washing's. So obviously when I found these I was soooo happy. I think I like just about every style and they wash so nice.       

So I took all of this and made an educated decision to start selling them last week.The company is Legging Army. Now, keep in mind, over my entire life with all of my friends selling just about everything at one time or another, this is my first adventure. Honestly it really isn't about the money as we have made it on one income for 29 years and 6 kids, its about liking a product enough to sell it to friends and family in hopes they will like it as much as me and bring them the comfort all of us woman deserve from working our BUTTS off!  

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 I am mainly selling these from my Facebook page as that is where I  have the most traffic of lots of friends so I will share that link with you...Hope you like them and please feel free to like my page and share it for a chance to win FREE LEGGINGS. I am also sharing my direct link as well. If you decide to order please put my name in the affiliates area so I get the credit... Thank You!!! Dawn Litke

Now off of here for a super BUSY weekend ahead...                                                                                                                                                               

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Netflix in January

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It's been super cold here in Pa and as I am writing now its 6 degrees. I love the cold and the winter. I love being inside snuggled under a warm blanket by the fire, making food in the crock pot as the house fills with its delicious aromas! Its just that homey cozy feeling that I love about winter.


Because of the cold and being inside much more than usual I started a new series on Netflix called, Call the Midwife. I had never heard of it until another blogger I follow recommended it and I am now hooked! Call the Midwife is a Series about a group of nurse midwives working in the East End of London in the last 1950's and early 1960's. The series was created based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth who worked at convent in the East End of London. It depicts the day to day lives of the midwives and those in their local neighborhood of Poplar. It also covers cultural and economic issues that directly and indirectly effect the characters and story lines. For example abortion, the Thalidomide scandal, disease epidemics, prostitution, racism, homosexuality just to name just a few Its amazing what these people went through and saw. I have learned a lot from this show!The only disappointing thing is that so far there is only 5 seasons that consists of only 8 shows each. So if you are looking for a good series on Netflix I would highly recommend it!

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Of course when this series is over I will do what I usually do and watch it again. I like to watch shows twice as you can miss things the first time and then you wonder how you missed them!
I am looking for a new series and was thinking of The Crown. Has anyone watched that? It's hard when you really like a show because then you compare everything you watch after it to the one you loved. So far I have watched The Gilmore Girls, Greys Anatomy, House, and  Call the Midwife. I would have to say that Call the Midwife so far is my favorite because of the historical aspect of it. I'm weird because I don't like what everyone else likes!
I'm not a lover of reality TV.
I don't like police shows or investigation shows.
I don't like shows that are to risque"
I don't like fairytaleish (I know there is no such word!) stuff!
Whats left right!
Any recommendations would be appreciated! Its funny that for years I refused to get Netflix now that is ALL I watch!
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Monday, January 9, 2017

Our weekend

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This weekend started on a sad note for us as we attended a long time friends funeral who lost his battle to lung cancer. After the funeral we attended a celebration of life where everyone shared stories and they're favorite memories. What an honor is was to have known this man.

Friday evening we decided we needed to do something fun so we went to dinner with Jessica, Brian and Kaylee. We went to the place that Savanna has been working her entire high school and college years. Mitchell was at a friends living it up there. Its fun having adult kids to do adult things with!

Saturday was one of my most dreaded days of the year...taking down the tree!!! When its all said and done its great, but what a lot of work and it really makes me contemplate getting a fake tree in the future...NOT!

Sunday was very very boring. We went to church then just hung at the house and did odds and ends and relaxed. Somehow I am still tired today and I don't know why!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

This and That Thursday

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Its January 5th already. I guess this weekend I will take down and pack away all of our Christmas things and put up my snowmen and winter things. I really hate putting it all away because it takes soooo long and the house just doesn't look at warm and cozy without it!

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary since my mom died. That day is always a tough day for me for so many reasons. I try to just remember all the good times but feel sad that Mitchell and Taylor really won't remember who she was or have that special bond with her that the other kids had! There are still days that I want to pick up the phone to tell her something and then I remember.

After Christmas is my favorite time to shop for clothes for myself! This year I purged tons of old sweaters so I am in the process of buying new updated ones and getting some amazing deals at the same time. 
*Loft has a sale online now that is 60 percent off already reduced prices on almost all of their sweaters. I got three $70 sweaters for under $60 for all three including shipping. I LOVE their clothing!

Primary Image of Cable Tunic SweaterPrimary Image of Cable Tunic Sweater

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*Thanks to Jessica, I am hooked on A new brand of leggings! They are called That Legging Girl Legging Army. She got me a pair for Christmas and they are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn and they look very nice also! The ones she gave me are more for Christmas so of course I had to buy some that were not and to go with the new sweaters! 

A lot of us got sick after Christmas therefore had to miss our annual New Year's eve bowling event. All of Jim's family was planning on coming but it didn't work out this year! Maybe we can have a mock New Years Eve sometime in January if they come.

Next weekend Jessica and Brian are having a painting party. We are all going over including his family and helping them paint their entire house! YIKES! It should be fun and a lot of work!

On the 16th  Taylor goes into the National Children's Hospital of DC to have some procedures and extensive testing done on her bowel motility issues. We will be there for 4 days getting various things done per her Drs. at Johns Hopkins. I am hoping they can help her to have less pain and less hospital stays!

We have new tenants at our house! Kaylee and Jaxson moved in for a couple of months. She is trying to save money to buy a house and her lease was up so here we are, three generations under one happy roof! LOL Really though, our basement is set up like an apartment with a large living area with a bedroom and mini kitchen so they have there own space. Its fun seeing his sweet little smiling face every morning!

Well that is what is going on here at our busy house. Whats new with all of you???

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our trip to NYC At Christmastime

Taylor and Connor before the show
I'm not a huge fan of city living, but I swear every time i'm in New York City at Christmastime I wish I lived there at this time of year. Well, minus the millions of other tourists that are there!

This is my third year going to New York at Christmastime. I guess I am a hopeless romantic but it just feels like lifetime movie. Rockefeller Center for one is beautiful along with the stores and streets that go all out for the holiday. Little Italy has some amazing Christmas shops and a life size Christmas Village that is a must see!!! There are Christmas markets and of course the romantic ride through central park on a one horse open sleigh!

 This year we saw Wicked on Broadway and boy was it spectacular! Taylor is a real theater enthusiast so for her its like the ultimate in entertainment! I love it also but could visit the city and still enjoy it without seeing a Broadway play.

We went the day after Christmas this year which was a madhouse but nevertheless it was fun! We are super fortunate because Jim's family lives only 30 by train from the city so hotel costs aren't an issue and either is fighting the crazy city traffic and parking!

Now, on my bucket list is to rent a hotel Thanksgiving eve and watch the parade from the hotel room. Its a BIG dream, I know, but I have always wanted to do that!!! Remember, Miracle on 34th Street????

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Look at this view of the parade!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My thoughts and hopes on 2017

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I for one am glad 2016 is over. So much hostility between law enforcement and communities, crazy election reactions and retaliations resulting from disagreements! For my family, we have seen our share of heartache and medical issues.

I have always loved the New Year. Its a time of change and new beginnings and a fresh start to old habits. Its a hope for brighter tomorrows and leaving last year in last year!

I could sit here and write all the cliche things about my resolutions but the fact is I know that so many of these things are out of my control. Yes, I can control what and how much I eat, how much I exercise and other obvious things, but the things that really really matter, are so much out of my control. How do we control our loved ones health, bad decisions, money issues etc.

My resolutions this year are simple...Pray more, love more, listen more and believe in a bigger power than ourselves. For me that is God.

Happy New Year Everyone!