Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our trip to NYC At Christmastime

Taylor and Connor before the show
I'm not a huge fan of city living, but I swear every time i'm in New York City at Christmastime I wish I lived there at this time of year. Well, minus the millions of other tourists that are there!

This is my third year going to New York at Christmastime. I guess I am a hopeless romantic but it just feels like lifetime movie. Rockefeller Center for one is beautiful along with the stores and streets that go all out for the holiday. Little Italy has some amazing Christmas shops and a life size Christmas Village that is a must see!!! There are Christmas markets and of course the romantic ride through central park on a one horse open sleigh!

 This year we saw Wicked on Broadway and boy was it spectacular! Taylor is a real theater enthusiast so for her its like the ultimate in entertainment! I love it also but could visit the city and still enjoy it without seeing a Broadway play.

We went the day after Christmas this year which was a madhouse but nevertheless it was fun! We are super fortunate because Jim's family lives only 30 by train from the city so hotel costs aren't an issue and either is fighting the crazy city traffic and parking!

Now, on my bucket list is to rent a hotel Thanksgiving eve and watch the parade from the hotel room. Its a BIG dream, I know, but I have always wanted to do that!!! Remember, Miracle on 34th Street????

Image result for miracle on 34 street 1947
Look at this view of the parade!


  1. I'm sad that movie wasn't on tv this year!

  2. Oh how I love NYC! I really want to go back soon.