Friday, January 20, 2017

My New Business!!!

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Happy Friday!!!

 Over the years I have seen many friends sell candles, bags, jewelry, makeup, kitchen items, etc. I have been urged over and over again to become a rep for just about all of these and never felt inclined to do so. I just never wanted to push anything on friends that they didn't really want but felt sorry for me so they bought anyway!

This Christmas as I mentioned in a past post, Jessica got me some holiday leggings. I have never been a HUGE print legging person but I have always like plain ones but honestly never really liked the way they fit! Well I put these on and OMG I was in love. They are the most comfortable leggings ever and they look amazing! So I ended up buying more and more and more. Last week I even wore a dressier pair to a funeral with a long sweater and it was dressy enough. Every time I have worn a pair somewhere people ask me about them and want to order some for themselves.

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  I know A lot of people LOVE the LuLaroe leggings but I have never been a fan. I don't like the patterns and didn't like how they held up after a couple washing's. So obviously when I found these I was soooo happy. I think I like just about every style and they wash so nice.       

So I took all of this and made an educated decision to start selling them last week.The company is Legging Army. Now, keep in mind, over my entire life with all of my friends selling just about everything at one time or another, this is my first adventure. Honestly it really isn't about the money as we have made it on one income for 29 years and 6 kids, its about liking a product enough to sell it to friends and family in hopes they will like it as much as me and bring them the comfort all of us woman deserve from working our BUTTS off!  

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 I am mainly selling these from my Facebook page as that is where I  have the most traffic of lots of friends so I will share that link with you...Hope you like them and please feel free to like my page and share it for a chance to win FREE LEGGINGS. I am also sharing my direct link as well. If you decide to order please put my name in the affiliates area so I get the credit... Thank You!!! Dawn Litke

Now off of here for a super BUSY weekend ahead...                                                                                                                                                               


  1. I'll definitely have to check these out! :) Thanks for sharing!