Thursday, January 5, 2017

This and That Thursday

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Its January 5th already. I guess this weekend I will take down and pack away all of our Christmas things and put up my snowmen and winter things. I really hate putting it all away because it takes soooo long and the house just doesn't look at warm and cozy without it!

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary since my mom died. That day is always a tough day for me for so many reasons. I try to just remember all the good times but feel sad that Mitchell and Taylor really won't remember who she was or have that special bond with her that the other kids had! There are still days that I want to pick up the phone to tell her something and then I remember.

After Christmas is my favorite time to shop for clothes for myself! This year I purged tons of old sweaters so I am in the process of buying new updated ones and getting some amazing deals at the same time. 
*Loft has a sale online now that is 60 percent off already reduced prices on almost all of their sweaters. I got three $70 sweaters for under $60 for all three including shipping. I LOVE their clothing!

Primary Image of Cable Tunic SweaterPrimary Image of Cable Tunic Sweater

Primary Image of Cowl Tunic Sweater

*Thanks to Jessica, I am hooked on A new brand of leggings! They are called That Legging Girl Legging Army. She got me a pair for Christmas and they are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn and they look very nice also! The ones she gave me are more for Christmas so of course I had to buy some that were not and to go with the new sweaters! 

A lot of us got sick after Christmas therefore had to miss our annual New Year's eve bowling event. All of Jim's family was planning on coming but it didn't work out this year! Maybe we can have a mock New Years Eve sometime in January if they come.

Next weekend Jessica and Brian are having a painting party. We are all going over including his family and helping them paint their entire house! YIKES! It should be fun and a lot of work!

On the 16th  Taylor goes into the National Children's Hospital of DC to have some procedures and extensive testing done on her bowel motility issues. We will be there for 4 days getting various things done per her Drs. at Johns Hopkins. I am hoping they can help her to have less pain and less hospital stays!

We have new tenants at our house! Kaylee and Jaxson moved in for a couple of months. She is trying to save money to buy a house and her lease was up so here we are, three generations under one happy roof! LOL Really though, our basement is set up like an apartment with a large living area with a bedroom and mini kitchen so they have there own space. Its fun seeing his sweet little smiling face every morning!

Well that is what is going on here at our busy house. Whats new with all of you???


  1. Love those pink elephant leggings! And I'm jealous you get to see Jax everyday!

  2. We took our tree down a few days ago, I feel so much better now haha.

    1. Its a good feeling after its done but so much work especially if its a real one!

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