Thursday, July 27, 2017

Life as we know it

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WOW, its been a while since I have written a post. The winter into spring was crazy, our home was like a boarding house for a couple months. Its ok though because we were trying to help others who needed our help and I/we made it through alive although at times it was a bit of a challenge.

What's new with us...lets take it one person at a time...

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Jim- He is the same. Same job, same stress same good heart.

Jessica- our oldest daughter is doing well. She has been dealing with some health issues from time to time but overall is Jessica.

Cory-our oldest son. If you have been following me for a while you know that he suffers from addiction issues. Alcohol and gambling. Its bad, and despite three rehabs he still struggles daily. He gets himself into major debt, then gets depressed, then drinks...and the cycle continues. We have found a long term Christian rehab we are in the process of hopefully getting him to so we are hoping and praying daily for that to happen!

Kaylee & Jaxson- Kaylee is doing great and so is Jaxson. They live in Maryland now and Kaylee works on the Proving grounds and loves her job. Jaxson is now 2 1/2 and is talking and acting a 20 year old. He is completely potty trained and loves wearing his big boy undies...Life is so great when you are 2!

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Savanna-She graduated from college with her social work degree in May and already has a full time job at a rehab center as an intake advisor. We are so happy she landed a job so quickly and she is really enjoying it so far!

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Taylor- is doing great in all avenues of her life. She is such a multi-talented young lady who can do just about anything. She just started her own sewing side business. She is also starting college in the fall at a local campus. All animals love her, hence we call her the animal whisperer. Her health has been remarkably good and we are all literally praising the Lord on that note alone!

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Mitchell- Is living a the life! He has had a summer filled with vacations, camps, sleepovers, soccer, the pool and just enjoying being a 13 year old in the summer! We try to keep him sheltered as much as possible from the going ons of his older brother and all the drama it involves. M ybiggest hope is that it won't effect him at all but I know in my heart it does and that is NOT good. Mitch will be starting 8th grade August 24, so he is trying to cherish every summer moment he has left.

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ME!!!- Who's that!!?? No, I am not kidding I really don't know me anymore! My life is zooming by along with my kids turning into adults. With all the craziness we have had to deal with in the last years I have lost ME and who I am as a person, wife, and friend. The only part of me I haven't lost is me the mom, which I know I will never allow! Me the friend is to exhausted and worried to nurture relationships beyond my own family. Me, the person, has no energy to do most things I once enjoyed. (except maybe shopping!) Me, the wife, is hanging on for dear life...knowing this is SO important. But stress has a way of putting wedges between people, and making them short with one another and somehow angry with one another. We are doing OK but hoping our stress level goes down soon because life to too short not to enjoy and cherish!

Life as we knew it is no longer as care free as before,  but we are beginning to find a new normal and LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!


  1. I am so so happy to see you blogging!!!!! :) It sounds like everyone is doing well or is on their way to being well. :)