Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Summer Life

So its August and that means summer is coming to an end and the kids here will be going back to school by the end of the month! Its not going to be pretty trying to get Mitchell on a school schedule again. He's been living the summer life. To bed late, sleeping in, eating pretty much anything and everything he wants, long days at the pool and play dates galore! Did I say its not going to be pretty!!!

Our summer days between vacations have been sooooo nice. I usually get up by 8 and come down and have my coffee and catch up on Facebook and read my blogs.  Mitchell usually gets up around 9 and we hang out for a couple hours. I usually get any housework or laundry started or finished up before we head out to the pool.

This has not always been my life in the summer believe me! There were years I actually use to dread the summer because it meant all six kids were home arguing, fighting and driving me nuts some days. Now these days seem so quiet, almost like the days of summer ciaos never even really happened. Do you ever feel like a part of your life was a lifetime ago, yeah like that!

We have one more vacation this summer which we leave for tomorrow morning. We are headed to Lake George, then Boston for a couple days, then back to Lake George. Taylor is being seen at Boston's Children's Hospital finally and the date they gave us was right in the middle of our Lake George Vacation. Boston is four hours from Lake George so we will make it all work!
Soon the cool breezes of fall will be upon us, and another summer behind us. This always makes me sad despite loving fall. Everyone will be a year older next year, and my baby, Mitchell, will be a teenager in November! I honestly can NOT even handle how fast time is flying. So for now I will enjoy these last days we have of summer and continue thanking God for every one of them!!!

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  1. I just saw this post! I can't wait for cool fall breezes, this heat and humidity is killing me!