Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Pokemon Go craze

So Pokemon Go has hit the nation and my house as well. I think you need to be hiding in a cave to have NOT heard of it. Even my 86 year old mother in law has been asking me all about it.

"Pokémon GO" is a reality game that incorporates the real world into the game world. Using your phone's GPS, clock and camera -- as well as Google Earth and all the information it gathered with "Ingress.  "GO" acts as wish-fulfillment for fans by bringing wild Pokémon into your actual environment. The game also turns landmarks into PokéStops, where you can collect items like Poké Balls and eggs that can be hatched.  It also turns public buildings into Pokemon "gyms," where you can train and evolve the Pokemon you've captured. The basic premise is that "trainers" wander the world catching Pokémon, teaching them to fight each other and evolving them into new forms. There are 720 creatures though only the original 151 are currently listed as available in the new game. 

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Yesterday, we went to a park in our area for Mitchell's soccer practice. I was absolutely amazed at how many people were walking, skating, running while glued to their phone catching Pokemon. There we even dozens of people gathered around a fountain and a pavilion which Mitchell told me was a PokeStop. I am talking people of all ages, races, and genders. 

I have heard both negative and positive opinions about what people think of this game. Some people are always trying to find the negative in almost anything so to them I say this. What is wrong with a game that gets people off their couch and walking, biking, running, or skating to find these creative characters?

I was talking with the child life specialist at Hopkins the other day. She said it has been a positive thing for the pediatric units. Kids who would normally not want to get out of bed because of pain. In fact the hospital has created lures and gyms and pokemon stops within the units or hospital walls so the kids can also get enjoyment out of the game.

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I have also heard that the shelters have had a spike in the adoption of dogs because of the game. People want dogs to walk so I guess they don't look so odd out there chasing pokemon.

They are saying that kids that normally would be sitting on their couch playing video games all day are now out and about in their neighborhoods,local parks, and even churches searching for the Pokemon they need.

I think this was a genius way to to get people out and about discovering their, towns, cities, neighborhoods, and getting exercise while finding what they are seeking. This has taken the video games to a whole other level. I for one will not be arguing with the benefits of this creative game.

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  1. I hate that people are always looking for the negative in fun stuff!