Thursday, July 28, 2016

Easy Makeover for your Patio/deck Furniture


In the summer we try to eat as many means outside as possible. It helps with the kitchen clean up and if its not to hot we can enjoy a beautiful view while eating. The past few weeks we have had to eat inside because the heat has been crazy!!!

We bought our patio/deck furniture about 7 years ago from a local store. It was not high end but certainly wasn't cheap by my standards! Over the years it has become very faded but is still in great structure shape. I decide at the beginning of the season I was going to give them a makeover this summer.

Since I use to work part time in a paint store I am familiar with what products to use. In the past I have used different spray paints and really like Rust-oleum. The spray nozzle makes it easy to spray without getting it all over yourself. It colors very good and sometimes I have only needed one coat of it!

First I made sure the chairs were clean and dry. I started on the bottoms first not worrying about it looking perfect where no one could really see. When they were all dry I turned them over and did the back, seats, arms and legs. After I was done with all six chairs, I looked them over and touched up some areas.

This is what they looked like when they were all done.

Next, was the table. First I had to remove all the tiles from the top and clean it. After it dried I began spray painting it. The table was very east and fast and what a difference it made although the pictures don't look like it.

I ended up using seven cans of spray paint for six chairs and one large table which I thought was really good. Like I said before, this stuff covers very well. I got it at Lowes and it was about $8 per can. The two local Walmarts by me did carry that kind of paint but not the color and finish I wanted.  It would have been less than $6 for it there. 

So for $56 dollars I have what looks like a new patio/deck table and chairs. I just hope they can withstand the crazy weather changes we have here in Pa. The other day it was over 100 and in 6 months it could be -5!  YIKES!