Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Christmas Spirit

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What is the Christmas spirit? What does it really mean? To me it means togetherness with family and or loved ones. Giving rather than receiving and enjoying the feeling you get when they open a gift they love. Its the feeling of standing in church on Christmas Eve singing Silent Night and celebrating the birth of our Lord and savior.

When I think about Christmas when I was a child I don't immediately think of the gifts, rather I think of the joy I felt in my heart as my siblings were all together laughing and enjoying one another's company. More family would arrive and bring their laughter and smiles, then later friends would come for coffee and dessert. The joy that filled the house was so comforting.

Last Christmastime my daughter Jessica had surgery on her ankle. It ended up being a much bigger surgery then expected and she wasn't able to come home until Christmas Eve. She was still in a great deal of pain, feeling sad and completely exhausted. As her husband wheeled her out to the car a lady approached them crying and holding a large jar of money. She handed it to Jessica and said Merry Christmas. 

Jessica was surprised and overwhelmed.  Why did this lady choose her to give this special gift to.She said it was like a angel had given it to her. She decided that this Christmas Eve she will pay it forward and hopefully make someone else feel special this year. 
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This gift was more than just a jar full of money. It was a reminder of love and caring in a time of pain and feeling dejected. Somehow this woman saw Jessica and just knew....that is what The Christmas Spirit is all about! See a need and try to help, give without receiving and LOVE!  


  1. I still can't believe they gave it to me!

  2. I love this! The Christmas spirit is so important to keep a hold of.