Monday, June 6, 2016

Memories of Summers Past

Tomorrow is the last day of school here. I can't believe how fast it has gone. So tomorrow summer officially begins  here at our house. Lots of days at the Pool, the beach, Hershey Park and just hanging out and relaxing.

It brings me back to summers as a kid in the 70's. If kids lived the way were did then, social services would be knocking at the doors for sure!

door nails knock knock 90s movies edward scissorhands

I remember spending hours playing in and drinking from the hose. Playing limbo with the water and various other made up games. When we got cold we would lay directly on the burning sidewalk and get warm then go running for the hose again.
 There were days I would leave the house before my parents were up to ride my big wheel around the neighborhood while pretending the driveways were different stores. I would literally stay out all day and go in only to change or maybe grab a bite to eat. We would make multiple forts in bushes and pretend it was our own neighborhood. We would walk 1/2 mile at age 9 to get a snowball or go to the candy store in our town.

We would stay out way past dark to catch fireflies that we thought were truly magical! We would sleep in a tent in the backyard at the age of 8 and our parents didn't and wouldn't have to worry! We would stay out at night to play kick the can, capture the flag or flashlight tag and every kid in the neighborhood would play and we didn't have a care in world. We looked forward to tomorrow when we could do it all over again!

Life seemed much simpler back then, not because we were kids but because we could just have fun without being bothered by texts or calls or play dates on the Xbox. We enjoyed what we had and never really wished for much more because in our eyes life couldn't have been much better!

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  1. I remember spending a lot of time outside in the summer as a kid too!