Sunday, October 16, 2016

Apples Pumpkins and Fun

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This year fall is taking its good old time getting here and staying. We have had some cool days, but then much more warmer days. I HATE it but our fall festivities must go on despite the weather. 

As I have said in the past we are so lucky to live in this part of Pa, where farms, orchards and pumpkin patches are plentiful. This past week we visited three different farms and or pumpkin patches with Jaxson. He is almost two now so loves every minute of it. He can say plain as day, "Have a Happy Halloween", which he said like 100 times to every person he saw. It was adorable!

He enjoyed the patch more than anything. He ran around and sat on almost every pumpkin and tried to pick them all up.

He's always very proud of the pumpkin he picks, until the stem breaks off, which is all of them, then he gets very upset and wants to put them back...

This weekend he spent the night and we decorated his windows for Halloween. He had a great time and after we were done he sat on the chair and said,"Take a Pic MeMaw" and smiled with his cheesy smile! 
Yes people told me being a grandparent was going to be great, but no one could have explained how great! 
Hope you have a great fall weekend despite these crazy temps!

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