Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Here we go Again!

Let me just tell you I feel completely blessed to live so close to such a great hospital like Hopkins! I know I have talked about the Children's Center and Taylor's many stays over the years. Although its a huge hospital with tons of very very sick children, when you are there with yours, its like they are the only ones that are.
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Several weeks ago Taylor was once again having a lot of stomach discomfort and extreme nausea. This went on for days so we decided to do a cleansing as she tends to get backed up because she has slow bowel motility. 

Saturday we did a full cleansing, like one you would do to prep for a colonoscopy, she still was very bad. By Sunday she couldn't eat at all without having extreme pain and even more nausea, which is very bad for a kid with Cyclic vomiting syndrome. Much to her dismay, I called the GI team and they urged us to go to the ER where they would call ahead to give them instructions. We know the drill all to well and she pretty much knew based on how she felt that she would probably be admitted. 

When we arrived she was assessed and taken to a room right away. (I have NEVER had to wait in the ER there EVER).The doctor came in and examined her and within a couple minutes she was taken for an xray and a IV was started for more powerful nausea meds. About 30 minutes later the doctor came in and say she was being admitted and said that she was still quite impacted and there looked to be a blockage in her colon. They told her they would have to put a NG tube down her nose and into her stomach. This is one of her most hated things she has to have done from time to time and she was NOT happy about it. They placed that in the ER and off we went upstairs to her room.

As soon as well got to the floor she was greeted by some nurses who she has had before and they were fighting over which one would have her this stay. Its not fun to be in a hospital setting when you feel horrible, but its nice to be at a place that treats you so good! As a mom its heartbreaking watching her go through so much, but they as a team, make it so much more tolerable!!! 

She was given meds overnight to break up the blockage and clear her out and it worked. The next day she was feeling much better and was able to come home.

Like I said at the beginning, we are so thankful to have this world renowned hospital within an hour of our house. The care we receive every time we are there is phenomenal down to every janitor, secretary, etc. We call it the Disney Way...

Hopefully that's our last inpatient stay this year and in the near future. 

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