Sunday, October 30, 2016

More Fall Fun!

Happy Sunday

Last week in Pa was COLD! We had frosts in the mornings and jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts were a must. This weekend however is back in the 70's, YUCK! Thankfully, Halloween is going to be chilly with highs only around 50 degrees!

Every Friday I watch Jaxson, who is my grandson. He will be turning 2 on November 22. He LOVES anything to do with fall and Halloween and calls it all "his Halloween". Since I only watch him once a week, I try to do special things when I have him. This past week we went to the pumpkin and Christmas tree place I grew up going to which is in northern Md. but is only 45 minutes away from us. Its called Valley View Farms and is one of the largest garden stores in the Mid-Atlantic region.

So Friday morning Jaxson, Taylor and I headed down to Maryland. Jaxson talks extremely good for his age and is full of questions. His favorite is what people are doing? So needless to say, the entire way down and back was rapid fire with one question after the other. When we got there and drove into the parking lot, he said,"WOW, my Halloween"! lol

He enjoyed the straw maze, mini haunted house,and looking at all the Christmas trees and decorations that are up all year round. His favorite by far was the maze as he did it over and over again. In the pictures he doesn't look happy but it just because we made him stop for pictures!


As I enjoy these times with him I realize how big my first grandchild is getting and that Mitchell is past the point of really enjoying a fun place like this. I have tried to appreciate every moment with my kids and all milestones because I know all to well how fast time flies...

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