Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

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I can't believe another Halloween is upon us and yet another year has passed. Our kids are all one year older and to my dismay I know Mitchell's Trick or Treating years are coming to an end very soon! As this may not mean much to most of you, to us this is HUGE! We have been doing this Trick Or Treat, Halloween thing for 28 years straight with our kids! We have dressed up in almost every costume known to "kiddom"(I know its not a word)! Pumpkins, Bunnies, clowns, M&M's, Cowboys, Cars, Simba, witches, Cats, Pirates, Wizard of Oz characters, Mickey, Minnie, Batman, Pebbles, princesses, dinosaurs, Vampires, Ghosts, Robin Hood, Indians, gnome, you name it, we have probably been it!

I am preparing for our annual Halloween dinner, Trick OR Treating , dessert night with some of our 
friends and family here. We plan on having around 25 people so it should be a fun and crazy night!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween, check back tomorrow to hear about our Halloween here in Pa.
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