Monday, February 22, 2016

A day in a life...

Having six kids has been quite an adventure and certainly way more of a challenge than Jim and I bargained for when we decided to have a large family.

Having four kids in five years was challenging but nothing like having six at different stages. I was potty training Mitchell while visiting colleges with Jessica. Taylor was in elementary school, Savanna in middle school and Cory and Kaylee were in high school. Our lives were moving at 1000 miles per hour and learning to micro manage and adjust to change was a must for survival.

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When Jessica was in kindergarten she came home with the chicken pox ( pre vaccine times). Well wouldn't you know it...within a week we had four kids with the chicken pox despite the doctor telling us that Savanna, our 5 month old, wouldn't get it because she was too young!!!  It was insane! Not only did they ALL have it but they were covered in them!!! Needless to say that week was full of many oatmeal baths, sleepless nights and lots of stress! Jim was working a full time job and going to school for his masters degree so I had to manage most of it on my own as he wasn't there all day and most nights till late. 

Another time my mom came over to watch three of the kids while I took Kaylee to the doctors for a fever and strep throat. While I was there the secretary came to me and said I had a phone call. Seems while home Cory had an accident on his bike and needed stitches. So after the doctor saw Kaylee we rushed home to get Cory. When I walked in to get him my mom calmly explained that Savanna had been vomiting and Jessica was now complaining of a sore throat and felt warm!  Talk about your life getting crazy fast!!!

As the kids got older and I was pregnant with Mitchell I was put on hospital bed rest as my Water broke way too early. While I was there poor Jim had his hands full. Cory managed to break his collarbone, Taylor had several ear infections, he had to take the kids back to school shopping ( he hates shopping) and get through Homecoming with a 15 year old!  The winner of the most stress was when Jim had taken Cory to a cool nature camp on a Saturday. Seems Cory stumbled upon a bees nest while on a nature walk and was stung by 20+ bees and was sent via ambulance to the hospital. Imagine that call while at home with four of the other kids, not to mention it was the day they were having a baby shower at the hospital! Hours later they all made it to the shower with just a little swelling on Cory although Jim was a bit frazzled!

But there was one more thing the very day that really took the cake! Jim was driving down a major highway, 95, on his way to work when an 18 wheeler decided to run him off the road and total his car. The policeman who came to the seen said Jim was lucky he survived the accident let along not even have a scratch or bruise on him. I believe he had an angel on his shoulder that day!!!

That poor man is truly a saint for getting through those couple of months outnumbered 5 to 1 without me. Not to mention the stress of work and having your wife and unborn baby in the hospital.

Six kids...what the heck were we thinking!? 

There's never a dull moment but I love it,  as long as we make it out alive!!!!

Have a great week!


  1. I can imagine that there is never ever a dull moment!!! Bless y'all :)