Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let's Be Thankful

Since Thursday I have been in Johns Hopkins hospital with Taylor as she was admitted because the meds she was getting at home for her intestinal infection weren't cutting it. She was extremely nauseous 24/7 for weeks along with other symptoms that are not fit for description on here. My heart aches for this kid who doesn't deserve to go through all this!

While we are here they are doing IV fluids, meds, and tests to hopefully find out more about her condition. At least if she had to be here she is in a place that is world renowned for there expertise in rare diseases and diagnosis. Not to mention the place is like a 5 star hotel with a full menu for her and me. There are Xboxes in every room with keyboards with internet that hooks up to the TV and Netflix! The rooms are all big and hers has two big windows with a great view of Baltimore City. So although it sucks to be here at least we are here!!! 

This place also makes you incredibly thankful for your families health! The kids you see here are usually the worst or most unusual cases so it's incredibly sad, If you remember, she was here back at the beginning of January. Well, some of the same patients are still here from then, Their rooms are decorated like they are at home. It's a different world and it makes me thankful that overall my kids have been fairly healthy and none have had to be here for months at a time.

I guess in life when things get sucky we need to remember that it could be worse and that life continues to go on regardless, so take one day at a time and be thankful!