Monday, February 15, 2016

My rant for the week


Ok, so we all have things that drive us crazy and I am no exception to that rule. I know I have already gone over my pet peeves but these are just things that I can't stand.

1. Am I alone when I say I hate the sound of people chewing ice. I swear, its the loudest chewing noise and is just downright horrible to my ears.

2.The sound of dogs barking continually  over and over and over again. Especially when its 5 in the morning. YES, we had one of those neighbors, she was the nicest woman but clueless.
Image result for dogs barking

3. People who are super inpatient behind the wheel. Like really, we can NOT control the traffic or other people so just relax.

absurdnoise angry hate daria road rage

4. I hate dirty laundry. Nothing makes me happier than having none in the house and none in the washer or drier.

Image result for dirty laundry

5. People who pretend to have a perfect life when you know darn well they don't. What is the point?!

6. Christmas lights being left up all year long. No need to explain its just pure laziness!

Image result for christmas lights in july

7. Taking down all Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. The last Wise man didn't visit Jesus until January!

8. Health nuts. I think I am just jealous of them but don't push it on me!
9. I am a Christian but can't stand the Holy Rollers. The kind of Christians that damn all to hell for being sinners. We are all sinners people!

10. OK,  I don't need to know that your kid is on the honor role by reading it on your bumper. My kids have been on the honor roll too, but putting it on the bumper of my car just seems demeaning to all involved!


  1. I'm very impatient in traffic but mainly bc people stink at driving! And I don't like incessant dog barking either

  2. Oh my lands yes to a vast majority of this!!!! My downstairs neighbors slam their doors so loud that is annoying!!!

    1. Oh yea I forgot about slamming doors! Add that one too!

  3. I agree with so much of this! I hate when traffic is backed up into an intersection, and instead of proceeding into the middle of the intersection and possibly getting stuck when the light turns, I hold off, and the person behind me gets so angry! Listen pal if I got caught in the middle of the intersection opposing traffic couldn't go and they'd get angry, just settle down! It's 40 seconds of your life!