Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The best Potato soup recipe ever

As i'm sure you have all heard its been a little chilly, like single digits chilly, here in the northeast. One of my favorite go to soups for a chilly or cold day is homemade Potato soup. The recipe was given to my mom's best friend who's mom was a polish immigrant. My family loves it as do I because its sooooo easy to make and is delicious! I  make a ham steak on the side so the non vegetarians in the house can add some ham to theirs which makes it even more tasty!

Remember I am feeding at least 6 people so my portions are for a large bunch and can be cut in half for less people although I love leftovers!

I use red potatoes whenever I can because I don't have to peel them and the skin gives lots of extra vitamins and nutrients. I use a food processor to mince the vegetables but you don't have to you could just cut them up.

Serve with fresh salad and warm bread and garnish with leftover green onion and cheddar cheese.