Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I usually have to give my husband a good idea of what I want. I'm not a candy person nor am I a flower person, and I really am not a jewelry person either. I think he is lucky because I am pretty low maintenance in that way!

Peanuts charlie brown be my valentine charlie brown

I told him I would love an Ivory Ella shirt or a Vineyard Vines and maybe go out for a nice dinner. 
Our lives have been a bit stressful lately so a nice quiet dinner would really be appreciated by both of us! I am thinking we will go out tomorrow night or Saturday to celebrate because I just can't handle the craziness of the actual day.

I need to do my shopping as well. I usually get small goody bags of the kids favorite candy or maybe a little trinket of something small. Its really about the thought that's it all about. Mitchell is itching for one of the girls to take him out shopping today because he says he has a great idea of what to get Jim and I. He is so darn thoughtful and cute!

I hope everyone has a great Valentines weekend. Stay warm, here in Pa it is 11 degrees while i'm writing this with wind chills below Zero! Great temps to snuggle with your Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

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  1. 11 degrees?!?!?!?! I guess you don't want to know that it hasn't gone below 50 since Wednesday