Thursday, November 19, 2015

Motherly instinct

Happy Friday after a not
 so great week!

As all of you know Mitchell had an appendectomy last week and still was having LOTS of pain and intermittent fevers. I kept thinking he would be better the next day as maybe hes just taking more time to heal but had a bad feeling it was something else.  Finally Sunday I  called the Surgeon who, because hes our neighbor, made a house call to check on Mitch. He thought because the incision sites looked good and by the exam that he had an entrapped nerve from the surgery and said with time it would get better. He said he wanted to see him on Tuesday.

 By Tuesdays appointment he was much worse. After examing him he decided to sent him to the hospital for a CAT scan and blood work. Mitchell was in severe pain and we had to wait for him to drink a contrast that took over three hours. He was so exhausted he fell asleep in the wheel chair. He was in that because he literally couldn't walk. After the scan one of the surgery fellows came out to talk with us. He explained that Mitchell had an infection and that his lymph nodes were swollen and he had a fluid collection in his belly as well.  He was admitted and given strong IV antibiotics along with a anti inflammatory. He was not very happy with us because he did NOT want to get an IV and stay the night.

Within two days he was already like a new kid. Jumping out of bed instead of being helped out and was finally hungry! He was dressed in his street clothes by 9 am and he was discharged that afternoon on two very strong antibiotics.

As soon as we got home the poor thing took a shower then laid down and took a two hour nap.

If there is one thing I've learned over the last 27 years is that we need to trust our motherly instinct. So many times I have had it and ignored it. This time I kept believing that things were going to get better and that  I was just being a worried mom knowing my son and knowing how I am I should have trusted myself.

Thank goodness Mitchell hasn't been on a lot of antibiotics in his life and that he responded so quickly to them.

Once again we were reminded how precious life is and how fast things can get bad.


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