Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Yesterday was the beginning the three days of baking, preparing and cooking for Thanksgiving. I wish I could say that I love cooking but I really don't although I enjoy entertaining I just wish I was a bit less of a perfectionist!

Things were crazy to say the least. I watched Jaxson all day and he spent the night. He is at the age where he is into every cabinet, drawer, bin, closet, etc. Our house is open so there is NO place to put a gate to contain him in any room so he runs around exploring all day!

Somehow I did manage during naps to make two loaves of pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, pumpkin roll and a apple pie. YUM!  Now today is another story! Actually, my husband is off all day so he will help watch him. The kids are all home from school which makes it more difficult to get things made and done. They DO have their to do lists now lets see how many aliments they can come up with to get out of them!!!

On the agenda today is to make:

Stuffing casserole
cranberry sauce
cranberry fluff
scalloped potato casserole 
Sweet potato casserole 

Put leaf in table and set it for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Wash sheets for guests 

Let the fun begin! 

What are your Thanksgiving Eve preps?  I would LOVE to hear!

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  1. I am making cranberry sauce today too, hope it turns out! I told Brian he should have taken off work for Thanksgiving eve!