Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Things that I love

So now that you know what my pet peeves are, here's some things that I love! Most people who know me could probably name all of these things right off the bat. Some may be a bit weird or bizarre but hey i'm just being honest!

1. Dachshunds. I have always had and loved dachshunds my entire life. As a kid we either had two or three at a time. We had a Heidi, a Trina, A Daisy and a Tiger.  When Jim and I got married, my friends, gave us a female dachshund, YES a dog for our gift. She was our first baby and we named her Guava because I loved Guava juice. Now we have a black and tan long haired named Snickers and a piebald dachshund naned Snoopy, both are males. They are absolutely spoiled to death and are the best little dogs ever! I have passed my love for dachshunds on to my oldest daughter, Jessica, who has two
Me as a kid with our neighbors dachshund Noodles
Snoopy Christmas Morning looking through the gifts

Snickers on Christmas morning

2. Snoopy!!! I have always been a Peanuts fan all of my life especially Snoopy. He is just so cute and such a character. When I was little I had a small beanbag stuffed Snoopy that I took to school everyday. I would put it in my desk and it just made me feel better to know it was there. I still have many stuffed Snoopy's and finally, I have a real dog named Snoopy!  

3. Christmas. I LOVE the entire Christmas season. I love the Christmas movies, the shopping, the hustle and bustle of the season, the Christmas trees, decorations, gift wrapping, and the magical feeling of it all! There's nothing better in the world than to watch someone you love open a gift you got for them, especially kids! This year for us will be extra special as my grandson, Jaxson, will be one and i'm sure the magic will be in his eyes!

4. I love the winter and SNOW! The colder and snowier the better. I know, some people think i'm nuts, including my husband, but I love it!

5. Ok, this may sound corny and weird, but I love the miracle of birth. I have been in the room with friends and family members when they are in labor and delivering their babies. There is just something unbelievably amazing about the birth of a child. Its just such a miracle that I love being a part of. I hope and pray I can be present for the birth of all of my grand babies.

6. The Beach! I love the beach! I love the sound of the ocean. I love sitting by the water with my feet in the sand and feeling the hot sun on me. I love watching the kids play in the water and ride the waves. Some of my best memories are of the beach...

7. My PJs One of the reasons I love the winter so much is it gives me an excuse to put my pajamas on earlier because it gets dark so early. I love the super soft fuzzy fleece PJs. I would wear footsies if I thought my husband wouldn't kick me out of the bed!

8. I love a clean house with straight vacuum lines on the floor! I know thats super dooper strange but I really do. Luckily we only have one carpeted room on our first floor so its not to much to ask!

9. My family. I love my husband and my kids and grand kids. Its what life is all about or at least should be! 

10. GERMANY! I honestly don't know where my obsession with Germany began but I have always been fascinated with the beauty of that country. As a teenager I took german in school and I visited Germany twice. It was like a storybook or fairy tale. I hope one day to go back and this time with Jim.

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