Thursday, November 19, 2015

Worst Parent Ever Award!

Nothing is Ever normal...

I always felt blessed to have six kids...who wouldn't want a house full of adorable nuttiness right!? Well i'm sure to the human eye things look normal and like the perfect family but...


We have had our share of crazy stories, so much so that people, including myself have tried to persuade me to write a book. If you ever watched Cheaper By the Dozen, well that is pretty much the way it is or at least was. Its so true that the more kids you have the more that you go through on most fronts. I could be a nurse, psychologist, a FBI negotiator, teacher, etc. 

Here's a story that almost had social services at our door...

Cory was a very active 3 year old who loved to wrestle. His buddy was over and they were playing around all of the sudden Cory hit his nose and it bleed and swelled up. The next morning when he woke up it was HUGE. After a trip to the doctor it was concluded that he had broken his nose.

A couple days later Cory was walking down our carpeted steps and fell down ONLY four steps and landed on his temple. Within minutes he began to vomit! We proceeded to the hospital where they did tests and said he had a  concussion and spent the night.

A week later as that was healing our neighbor offered to take the kids to the playground with his two while I made dinner. About 10 minutes later they returned with a very frazzled neighbor and a boy with a thumb that was facing the wrong way. Seems Cory was going down the slide as his little girl was walking up. Somehow his thumb got stuck on her and out of the socket it came. After a visit to the local prompt care center they said he needed to go the hospital because it probably needed surgery. Well they were right, he had surgery the next morning to put it back in place and wore a cast up to his elbow for 6 weeks!

A couple days after that Cory was playing in his room and decided to make a bridge with a bed rail from his dresser to his bed. I was in the hallway steps away and before I could say it was not a good idea, Cory fell on the edge of his bed and knocked his four front teeth out! The blood was crazy and I couldn't believe my eyes! Poor Cory was toothless for many many years!

So here we have it. Within a two week period our 3 year old had managed to break his nose, get a concussion, dislocate his thumb and need surgery AND knock four front teeth out! Talk about winning the Worst Parent Ever Award!

Well there's just one of the many many stories I have to tell about the craziness of my life!
Stay tuned there are more stories to come...

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  1. I didn't realize all that stuff happened so close together!