Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Adventures

So it's three days past Christmas already, WOW! All the preparation, anticipation, and work put into it and just like that it's over! Usually I have the Post Christmas Blues, but for some reason this year I'm not feeling that way. It could be because this year has been unusually challenging for my family and I have learned to take things as they come and not expect too much and appreciate every day and every thing. I always heard that with age comes wisdom and it's true, you have to live life to appreciate life!

Our Christmas was a bit unusual for us this year but still wonderful! On the 22nd my oldest daughter Jessica had a very invasive ankle surgery. Unfortunately, the pain proved to be too much and she ended up in the hospital until Christmas Eve evening when she was sent home. So instead of everyone coming here, after church we went to her house and did our annual Christmas Eve thing opening Secret Santa gifts and ordering Chinese food!

Christmas Eve cheese tree snack
more snacks
Jessica and Brian's beautiful tree with Mitchell looking through the gifts!
Mitchell was very nervous that Santa might pass by our house if we weren't home by 9 so we made sure we were. He was in bed right away and by 12:30 Santa had come with presents and all!

Christmas morning was finally here and now to wait for the older kids to arrive to have breakfast and open gifts. Mitchell opened a couple before then as he had a hard time waiting so long, after all he was up most of the night! By 9 everyone was here and the opening of gifts began. It takes us a while because we open them one at a time so everyone can see what others got and it's a chance to savor things a bit!

 Savanna opening her stocking
 Jaxson getting ready to open gift although all he cares about is a box!
Mitchell happy with his Star Wars Lego set
 Happy Taylor
 Jim playing Santa
My big gift, A new Keurig 

After opening gifts it was time to prepare for dinner. Savanna made the cute name place holders and set the table. 

 Taylor and Connor
Savanna and Anthony

After dinner we played family games and had dessert. Every year we get at least one family game we play that evening. This year it was the Five Second Rule which was a great game for a large group and lots of fun! We also got The Awkward Family Photo game which was fun but more for a smaller group then we had.

Bright and early the day after Christmas Jim took Taylor and her boyfriend to New York City. Neither have ever been there and wanted to go at Christmastime. They have been enjoying sight seeing and just enjoying the feel of the big city! Jim is a good sport as he HATES crowds and it is super crazy there now!

They will be back from their trip tonight. I can't wait to hear about all the adventures they had! Believe me with Taylor there will be many stories! lol

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I would love to hear about it!

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