Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve
We have a tradition on New Years Eve that we have been doing for some time now. We get a bunch of family and or friends together and go glow bowling. The local alley has specials that come with lanes and new years decorations and food and drinks. Its a lot of fun for any age. This year we have as young as an 11 year old up to a 85 year old! We always go in the afternoon time slot that way we are still home to have snacks here and celebrate the New Year's here that is if I stay up that late. This year I know I will because we have lots of family in town to make a grand total of 17 people staying under our one roof! I'm trying not to be my "have to have everything perfect" OCD self and I think I am doing a fairly good job!

After bowling today we will come back here and pig out again on snacks and such and play lots of family games. We usually will have a serious ping pong tournament,  Our family is quite competitive so it will be a big crazy.

 Our house this weekend, if you can imagine, is literally like the Home Alone movie with LOTS of people scurrying around having their own agendas. To get 17 people out the door not to be late for a single event is NOT an easy task and usually doesn't happen without some type of argument or fight.

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Tomorrow we will i'm sure sleep in a little then we will have a New Years dinner with ham and the fixings. Its our Christmas so to speak with Jim's side of the family. We decided years ago not to exchange with everyone in the family it just gets to be way to much money with so many people. Its makes the time more focused on family and not the gifts which is nice for a change.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve, be safe!!!

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