Friday, December 4, 2015

My favorite Christmas Present As a child

As December is now upon us I can't help but remember Christmas as a kid and how magical it always was. My parents did their very best to make it special for us four kids!

As a child growing up in the 70's, we had some pretty cool toys. Big wheels, six million dollar men stuff, stretch Arm strong, snoopy toothbrushes, baby dolls that peed, Evel Knievel stunt motorcycles, electric racetracks, etc.

My friend Shane and I always got similar gifts. I think Santa either knew we were good friends or our moms shopped together. One year I got Baby Tender Loves little brother and she got Baby Joey, both anatomically correct dolls! The same year I got Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Linus finger puppets, she got Woodstock, Lucy and Sally!

I don't have one present I remember as being my favorite but here is my top five.

Baby Alive This doll was a little girls dream. It was a mechanical doll that actually came with food that it ate while its mouth made real eating motions. It proceeded to poop as well. It also drank and peed and if I remember correctly cried also.

Barbie dream townhouse  I have to be honest I spotted this two weeks before Christmas in one of my nighttime spying adventures. I pretended to take the dog out and with a flashlight looked in the back of my parents station wagon after they got home from and shopping trip. (I was horrible and noisy even then!) It was awesome seeing the huge box it came in and knowing it was mine! The hardest part is not understanding when on Christmas morning it said it was from Santa! Shane got the same doll that year as well.

Snoopy phone  What preteen wouldn't have wanted their own telephone in their room in the late 70's! It was awesome and having a Snoopy one was even better!

Milton This was the first electronic talking game that could be played with one or two people playing against eachother. It was so cool and I thought I was hot stuff being the first of my friends to have a talking game like that. The creepy part about the game was the creepy voice it had and it always said when you turned it on, " Hello, you turn me on!"

Fisher Price Mcdonalds Playset   This really sounds like no big deal, but it was so cool to a 6 year old kid.Where else than a Mcdonalds playset can you purchase a happy meal several times a day. It even came with a mini playground and square little people which I had never seen. I played with this one for hours upon hours, what an imagination I must have had!

WOW, to be a kid again at Christmas. There is nothing like the magic of it all. Our kids didn't get many toys through the year, but when Christmas came, I tried to make the same wonderful magic and memories that I had.

Like I always say to my husband...Your only a kid once, especially at Christmas!!!

What was your favorite gift as a kid, I would love to hear?


  1. I remember your snoopy phone! And OMG that McDonald play set is cute!

  2. Oh man, I always wanted a Barbie Dream House. Or any kind of doll house, really.