Monday, December 7, 2015

Who can you trust?

Liar Liar Pants of Fire!

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I wish I could say that I had no experience with mean girls, high school drama, or parents who think their kids are perfect, but unfortunately I do! I thought if I raised my kids to be confident leaders and
nice kids they would be fine!  WRONG!!! What I didn't take into consideration is that not all parents are us and not all kids are ours! Don't get me wrong, I realize all to well that no matter how we raise our kids, they will make wrong decisions and mistakes and thats just life! We are going to be better parents than them! I found out very fast how wrong I was. Jessica being born first was as stubborn and strong willed as us, which was a real challenge! Then Cory came along and blew the NO GUN for boys rule out of the water when he was making guns out of anything and everything. LOL

I thought if kids did wrong that all parents would acknowledge that and punis h accordingly.
WRONG again! See not all parents can see that their little darlings are not the little darlings they think they are. They can lie to their face and through their teeth while batting there beautiful brown eyes and throwing their supposed best friend under the bus during it all! Sickening! I have witnessed this first hand and its crazy! 

I have NEVER believed or claimed my kids are perfect and don't pretend that they are. 

You would not believe parents I have met through raising my kids!!! Parents who will lie for there kids, parents who will lie for your kids and parents who think their kids never do wrong or blame your kid for all bad decisions! I have dealt with all!

I will start with the time a parent lied to me when my child was spending the night at her house!

She was in ninth grade and was going through a testing time. She was going to spend the night at a friends who I knew for some time and also knew her mom but she was the mom who was trying very hard to be good friends with her daughter. We all know the type, and this my friends can get you in BIG trouble as a parent!!! So anyway, she went over there house around 6pm. I always like to talk with the parent to make sure they are aware of my rules and that we are all on the same page. She was not available when I dropped my daughter off so I called her around 8 . She assured me they had just gotten a movie and were in for the night. As we were talking I heard the voices of boys and girls as well. I explained that my daughter wasn't allow to go anywhere other than her house and that I didn't feel comfortable with them walking several blocks to McDonald's as my daughter had hinted. She assured me they were staying in and we hung up. After getting off the phone I had one of those strong motherly instincts that came over me that told me I was being lied to. I told my husband that I was taking a ride past the house to make sure all looked normal. As I drove to her house my instinct got stronger that I was being lied to and pretty much expected something. As I slowly approached the house I saw lots of kids piled into a small car and my daughter was just getting in and had closed the door. Before they pulled away I stepped out of my car as they rolled down the window and I said, "Get out of the car and get your stuff you are going home!". You should have seen the faces when they saw me, it were priceless! I proceeded to the girls house as the car drove away. I followed my daughter in and questioned the mom. Of course she lied and said they were just going to the McDonalds down the road, which she still wasn't suppose to do, but I knew better. There were seven kids piled in a five passenger car dressed to kill and five were BOYS! Come to find out they were headed to a high school party.

Needless to say, my daughter was punished for a LONG time and I learned that I can't always
believe other parents or trust them with my kids. Also that kids will lie to you point blank.

Next time I have an even better story of a parent whose kid does NO wrong ever!!! Wow, she must be the perfect parent! LOL

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  1. Love the mean girls gif! And I know exactly who you're talking about