Thursday, December 10, 2015

Decorating for Christmas (The Trees)

Decorating the trees

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Decorating is in full swing at my house and has been a full time job week. I started pulling things out the end of last week and I'm still not done! The trees are up and decorated so that's a huge thing done. New wreaths had to be made this year so that was a big chore but I enjoy doing it!

This year I decided to use white lights on the trees which had the house in an uproar. The kids don't like to change traditions much especially at Christmastime. I also decided to not use the Christmas angel this year, instead I used a big bow. This was not revealed to anyone except for Taylor who is the bow maker. When it was complete and up I sent the family a snap chat and surprisingly didn't hear to much negativity. I like to switch thing up and try new decorating ideas especially when I get the inspiration to do it!  I reminded them its just the lights and tree top its not the end of the world!

The big tree in the house is in the main family room (we have a family room on the main floor and a family room on the second floor also) This one has ALL the kids decorations from preschool to date that they have made. It also has my grandma's, moms and ones we have collected over the years! Its a mix match collection. I also use beads that my mom use to use. Its a mix of new and old.


My other tree is in the foyer and is a Snoopy Tree. It has all the Snoopy ornaments I have collected since I was a kid. It also has various other ones also and of course my moms beads. 

Next is more house decorating that I will share tomorrow! 


  1. Pretty! I like the white lights and the bow, it's nice for a change!

  2. THanks! I get tired of the same old same old!