Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Happy December 17th

A little more than one week left till the big day. I am a bit depressed as I look forward to the classic Pennsylvania Christmases with cold temperatures and sometimes even snow! I know Christmas is more than that, but when you grew up with cold temps on Christmas its just hard to get in the spirit when we have colder Easters than that!  This year, YUK, they are predicting temps in the 60's. This to me is a nightmare!!! 

animated christmas snow tree merry


Speaking of snow, one of my most memorable Christmas growing up was a cold and snowy one. It started on Christmas eve and by morning it had snowed over a foot! Our family had going caroling with the neighborhood in the blowing a drifting snow, literally!  I don't remember my exact age but i'm thinking I was around 7. I remember getting home and getting ready for bed and being scared that Santa wouldn't be able to make it through all the snow. My wonderful older brothers had put that in my head and boy did it stick! That night my parents went to the annual neighborhood Christmas shindig. I was awoken by a loud thump thump thump late late that night and just knew it was Santa. I found out years later that it was my dad carrying pressents down the steps and fell after having one to many drinks! LOL Nevertheless, the next morning Santa did come, he somehow had made it through the snow!

I don't know what it was about caroling but it seemed every time we did went it snowed! Another year when the kids were all young we decided to go with a couple of neighbors on Christmas Eve after dinner. It started snowing just as we began and by the time we were done it was really coming down and the kids were miserable and, well us too! My parents were suppose to come over the next morning but we decided to get them that night so Jim made the 15 min trip that took 2 hours!

There is just something about Christmas and snow that go together so well for me. Maybe its the great memories or me just being a hopeless romantic!

Despite the forecast, I will still be "Dreaming of the White Christmas!" 
maybe even some sugar plums


  1. I wish it would snow, this warm weather stinks!

  2. I like snow on Christmas too.