Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The lost days of Christmas past

Getting ready for Christmas this year has been so crazy. So much to do and so little time to do it. Decorating for Christmas is taking forever this year for some reason. (Maybe i'm getting old)

My daughter Savanna just turned 22 on Dec. 13. At the time she was born, Jessica was 5, Cory 3, Kaylee 2. She was the best Christmas gift we ever received!

The house was super chaotic that Christmas but it was also  magical.

 I remember attending Cory's Christian preschool concert two days after Savanna was born where he sang so sweetly. I can still picture his little face while he did the hand motions of the song, wearing his adorable Christmas sweater and matching pants. He was very protective of his new baby sister telling people not to touch her and guarding her against his wild two year old sister.

Jessica, a kindergartner, make homemade cards and gifts for everyone she knew and could spell and write like a 5th grader! She was so thoughtful to everyone but was very serious about Santa Claus and following all the rules and early to bed on Christmas Eve or he would pass by your house. She would get frustrated with the siblings as they were a bit young to understand that concept!

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Kaylee, was a talking spitfire at Christmas. She was busy at work coloring Christmas pictures and helping me with ever aspect of caring for newborn Savanna. She could and would let it be known what she wanted for Christmas and her feelings about everything. She gave the new baby tons and tons of kisses and hugs! She also was Barney the dinosaur obsessed and got one that year for

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My mom and dad would always come over on Christmas morning and watch the kids open their gifts and have breakfast with us. They enjoyed seeing the kids faces as much as we did and now I realize just how much it meant to them to be there! What I wouldn't give to have them here again!

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As I look back on those Christmases I realize as hectic as they were they were some of the best Christmases. As all the kids knew the true meaning of Christmas and at the same time also believed without a doubt in Santa. There is just something magical about four little children believing in Santa under one roof. Its amazing what they hear and see through their imaginations! And their faces on Christmas morning when they see Santa has come and that he even ate the cookies they left. Seeing them run around the house searching for clues that the fat man in the red suit was really there!!!

As time passed and those four got older, Taylor and Mitchell came along. It has been fun watching them all play along with the Santa fun. Mitchell, who has just turned 12 still wants to believe but is on the fence. Its cute hearing his older sister or brother talking with him about it. I'm sure in the next year or two Mitchell will be the one playing along with Jaxson as he will be wide eyed on Christmas morning.

 I guess as time goes by I have learned that we need to appreciate everyday as we are making new memories and that someday they will become ours or someones good old days!

Christmas 2009

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  1. I remember that Christmas! I can't believe Mitchell still believes, he's worse than Savanna was!