Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My diet plan

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During the cold months of winter I always tend to gain weight, and I always have! I think my metabolism just simply slows down because there is nothing I really do different. This year I am seriously trying to nip it in the bud now because if I wait till spring I will just be depressed! I also don't need extra weight with health risks and all.

This week I am implementing the plan I know works for me, its not going to be easy but with me its the only way to loose weight!

I have found with me its not as much what I eat as much as how much and when. Yes, there are things I stay away from but its not a cold turkey thing. My diet has to be a realistic one and one that I can live by when i'm not trying so hard to loose. I also have low blood sugar issues so I can NOT skip meals! I already know the first several weeks will not be easy and I may get a little mean at times but that will pass. LOL

Please realize this is my way of loosing and has been approved by my doctor who has known me for almost 9 years. 

OK, now that my disclosure is out of the way, here is my diet plan. 

My Goal is 25 lbs to start. (its important for me to make my goal realistic.)

1,000 to 1,200 calories a day on average but I can go as high as 1,500 on occasion.

Its important to have an app. to help you keep track of your daily calories and such. I like to use the Livestrong website. Its a free great way of keeping track and it has lots of built in meals already with calories, fat, etc. It also has an exercise calculator to help figure how many you have burned and tons more helpful things as well.
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 You will set how many pounds you want to loose in a week. I think the max is 2 pounds that you can choose. I have always found the slower it comes off the longer you keep it off because its not just water weight. I usually loose more than that the first weeks then I slow down a lot! 

My biggest hurdles will be:
My coffee and creamer intake
My sweet tooth
My love for eating out
My hate for exercising

So tomorrow is my start date! I will give you an update on my progress once a week although don't be surprised if I bitch about it more than that!!! If anyone wants to join me or has any questions please feel free to ask! 

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