Monday, January 25, 2016

The Blizzard of 2016 in Pa

Well, as my earlier post said on Saturday, pa was having a blizzard. We ended up with, the news said, an official reading of 37''. I don't know how you correctly measure it because of the blowing and drifting snow but I have no doubt we got that much. Whats crazy about this area is that by tomorrow everyone will be back to work like it never happened. See i'm use to Maryland, where we lived before, even though its only one hour north, somehow they are way more equipped here to handle a big snow!

We don't own a snowblower as Jim never wanted to have one. He liked the idea of getting a workout while shoveling. This is the last year he will be without one of those! He is in super shape but being now in his 50's I worry myself to much and with the size of the driveway and sidewalks even with help from the kids its TO MUCH WORK and worry.

Saturday during the snow we made homemade hot chocolate in the crock pot, apple crisp, and a pot roast. We also played family games by the fire and just hung out together watching the snow. By around 10 pm it stopped and Jim and Cory did some shoveling.

Sunday we woke up to the sun shinning and 15 degrees with a lot of work ahead of us digging out!
Its amazing how even at 15 degrees the sun starts melting things.

The kids made a tobogganing path down our back yard and everyone has had a ball on it. Mitchell is working on an igloo and we just got the call that school is off today.

I love the snow because there is just something about everyone being snowed in together that brings a family together to do the simple fun things.

 Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!


  1. Hopefully you find a good snowblower on sale!

    1. I pray so because we don't want to spend a fortune.

  2. You guys are rock stars for shoveling all that snow! We got quite a bit in Delaware, but luckily we have a tiny yard. My husband was able to shovel it all. I did feel a little bad while I was inside warm and toasty x).

  3. Well I can't give myself credit for shoveling but I did stay inside and make them dinner and hot chocolate! Glad you are shoveled out too!