Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thrift store treasures

Happy Hump Day!!!

As you know I grew up a bit spoiled and would have never ever dreamed of going into a thrift store. I was young and dumb then never realizing the treasures you can find especially if you like name brand things for super cheap.

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 I like to drop by our local Salvation Army store and see what I can find. I swear its either hit or miss.(We donate dozens of bags of clothing, shoes and coats to them per year ourselves which have included many name brand things still with tags) I usually spend a lot of time searching through every item to find what i'm looking for. I never have luck much in the woman's section. I think because woman's fashions change so often that it goes out of style before it gets to the store. My girls, especially Taylor, love to look through the T-Shirts and sweats and have found some good college ones or even Vineyard Vines T's.
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My favorite place to look is the men's department. In a shirt my husband is usually a tall or maybe a XL if its a really nice brand and cut roomy. He likes to wear Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Chaps or JoS. A. Bank which he says are more comfortable but are not cheap. Last month I hit the Jackpot and found three brand new Ralph Lauren XL tall dress shirts. They were both colors he didn't have and they were only $6.99 and 1/2 off because it was Wednesday! This past week I stopped in and looked around and scored a brand new Brooks Brothers XL dress shirt that still had the tags on them that said $140!!!

He also wears a size in pants that is a little harder to find as well. He is a 38/34. I don't have as much luck in the pants department but have found them on occasion.

I always swing by the purses also. I am really not a huge purse person but if I see I deal I will grab it! My daughter Kaylee, found a Coach purse there last year for a steal so I always look with no luck! Well  Last month I scored this Dooney & Bourke purse for $40. Its just my style and my price!

 I'm not a cheap person I just like nice things and don't want to spend more than they are really worth. What deals have you found lately???


  1. I never find anything when I go there! You're lucky

  2. Those are some good finds. I am not a good thrift hunter; I hardly ever find things. Guys style is definitely a little more static through the years and easier to find.