Friday, January 15, 2016

Our crazy cat story

Happy Friday...
I can't believe its Friday already and the middle of January! My mom always said the older you get the faster time goes and it is so true!

I know I have shared with you some crazy stories of our big family's adventures over the years. I thought I would share another one today. When you have a big family it seems something is always up.
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It was the middle of January several years ago. Jessica and we were on our way to take Mitchell to preschool. As we drove I thought I heard a cat meow a couple of times. I didn't think much of it because I thought it was Mitchell in the back making noises. After a couple of minutes I said asked Jessica if she heard it and she said no. I opened the window and heard it even louder. At that moment I was like, "Oh my gosh, there is a cat somewhere in our car but I couldn't imagine where it could be.

 Our cats were indoor ones so it couldn't be them, plus I keep my car in the garage, so it couldn't be a stray...Oh did I mention that it had began to snow fairly hard on our way there. When we arrived at his school I told Jessica to take Mitchell in and I began to look in the back area of the truck underneath. I could hear the cat meowing, but I couldn't see it. Finally I spotted OUR white cat way up underneath but every time I reached for him he backed further in. At this point it was snowing like crazy and I was up under the truck getting dirty and wet and must have looked like I was nuts! Suddenly I heard a mans voice asking if I needed help. There was an older gentleman dressed in his formal army suit. He said he was on his way to a funeral but wanted to help me. He spent a good 20 minutes trying to get the cat out but then had to leave with no luck.

After talking with Jim on the phone we decided that I would carefully and very slowly drive home in hopes that when we are parked back in the garage, maybe he would feel safe and come out. So we proceeded home very very slowly. When we pulled in the garage I quickly closed it and we opened the door to the house and quick as lightening the cat dashed out from under the truck and ran into the house. Just like that the cat was inside safe and sound and I was still dripping wet, greasy, dirty and still in shock and fear of him getting away or badly hurt!

We still have no idea how he got out in the garage long enough to hide where he did, we were just thankful he was OK.

Anyone else have any crazy animal stories?


  1. That is crazy; I'm glad he was okay! Reminds me of that cat that accidentally hitched a ride on a glider.