Monday, January 18, 2016

This Weekends Bushel Basket Project

This weekend was a super relaxing weekend.  I got a lot done around the house, planned meals and went grocery shopping. I even had time for a project I have been wanting to do for some time.

I belong to an online yard sale site through facebook.  In Sept. I scored a bunch of bushel baskets for next to nothing. I loved decorating with them in the fall and I gave some to Jessica who used them as well. I still have a lot that aren't being used so I decided to put them to good use in the laundry room and our pantry for storing things. I focused on the laundry room this time.

I began by picking the size basket  I wanted to use and cleaning them out really good. Then I had to decide what colors I wanted to use. That was the hardest for me because I wanted them to match but still be some cute colors. I decided on using Krylon Cover Max Spray paint with primer. I got cherry red, seaside green, and a blue ocean breeze.

Next I had to find a good place to spray that was covered from the weather because of course it was snowing today! I set up under our deck which is mostly covered. The red and green took three coats, the blue took like four and I ran out because it soaked in the paint like a sponge. I want to put one or two more coats on it when I can run out and get more. They dried super fast and within two hours they were inside ready for the mini chalkboards to be attached.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the chalkboards to the baskets. Then I used a chalk marker to write what I wanted on them. They work great and now i'm hooked on them!

 Here's the end result. I placed them on the shelf above the table in the laundry room. I think they turned out adorable! The entire project, since I already had the baskets, cost about $20.
Next I want to put some in the pantry for lunch bags and boxes and other misc. things.

My daughter Savanna got creative with the markers and wrote on the chalkboard we have in the kitchen. I think these chalk markers are going to be a big hit in our house.

Have a great Monday 


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    1. Thank You! I love being organized and the fact that they are cute helps!

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    1. Thank You! I love organizing projects especially if they are easy and turn out! LOL

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    1. You will have to come over and make some with me!