Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. Ours was wonderful just went so fast.

We didn't end up leaving until Thursday at 9:30 am to head to New Jersey and got home at 10 pm so it was a fast visit! Everyone went except for Kaylee and Jaxson who were both under the weather.We went to Jim's sisters house for dinner who lives in Northern Jersey, we were lucky we didn't hit a bit of traffic! Even though we came from the furthest away somehow we were first to arrive to we goofed off taking selfies!  It was a cold overcast day but that didn't stop our annual Thanksgiving football game. Its one of the highlight of the day and everyone looks forward to it and participates.

Friday I did some online Christmas shopping and went out to OLD NAVY to take advantage of the sales there.  I got a lot done and did more this morning since its Cyber Monday. I love not having to leave the house if I don't want to! This year I shopped online at Target,, American Eagle, Vineyard Vines, Dicks, Bass Pro Shop and Toys R Us. I love shopping at Target their delivery is so fast that by Saturday afternoon the items I ordered Friday had already arrived. I remember the same last year!

Saturday we went to our annual Church Christmas Sale. Its the coolest thing I have ever seen. A huge Church in our area takes donations throughout the year of Christmas items people no longer want. Starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving till Dec 5th they fill a Huge gym full of everything and anything Christmas. I always end up finding something to buy. This year my big score was a Ugly Christmas sweater of which then I bought more ugly things to go on it and now I have the ugliest sweater, I hope!

Saturday night Jim and I went to a birthday get together for a good friend. They had it at Escape
games which is the newest THING! Its a place that has multiple themed rooms. You pick a room theme that interests you then you make teams of however many you want, or you can just play against the clock, which is one hour. The rooms are filled with cryptic puzzles with hidden clues that have to be solved one after the other until you find the last one that leads to the key to get out. We had two teams of 7 and our team one by about three minutes. We had an amazing fun night with great people.

Sunday I sadly put all the fall decorations away in preparation for the Christmas decorations. I hope you all a great holiday weekend!


  1. I took advantage of the sales on Old Navy online and they were amazing!