Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Election and Mental Illness

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I'm going to start this post with some facts about my blog. I post things about my life. I post the good and the bad. I post fun, victories and defeats.  I am not a person who is going to paint all rainbows and butterflies about life. I am a realist. "This is Not Nutcrackin" is about Life and what we expect it to be and what the reality is. I love life and try to be as positive as possible while raising a family, its not exactly what I thought it would be but that's ok. That being said....

I really thought the drama from this election was going to be over by now. I can't believe it has gotten even worse with protesting and even some riots. People being unfriended on Facebook and family members not speaking to one another! Its all so crazy, immature and down right ridiculous!

Through the entire time leading up to the election I chose to keep quiet on Facebook and not put my opinion on any social media. I find it to be a very personal decision based on different things to different people. I respect other peoples opinions and will NOT engage. I DO NOT like conflict!!! I was very proud of myself seeing what people I respected were writing and believing about candidates. So much was just pure ignorance on their part.

As much as I tried to stay out of it, this all changed the day after the election.

My sister lives in Oregon and can be a handful to say the least. Unfortunately, she has a history of being mentally unstable. She is opinionated and thinks her way is the only way. Up until Thursday we managed to have no real communication with one another except through facebook which again I did NOT post about the election. On Thursday early afternoon,  I received a text from her that was the meanest texts I have EVER received to date. It was beyond rational thinking! It was accusing me of siding with a sex offender. It was calling me a racist and a bigot and how dare me allow my girls to vote for such a person!  It went on and on...All of this without really knowing who I or my family voted for. She assumed by seeing some things my girls had shared on facebook but didn't know for sure.

I text back that I loved her regardless of who she voted for and I was very sorry she was misinformed and stated that she had no right to say the things she was saying. (see when you are dealing with an emotionally unstable person you have to be careful not to upset the apple cart more than it already is)

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The fact of the matter is that this is not the first time she has done this to me or others. You never know when they will turn on you and try to make you as miserable as they are. Its so sad to see but you can NOT talk with them in any logical way because you just will NOT be heard.

Sadly the barraging went on and on and ended with her saying that she will, "see me on the other side". OK, good riddance because as much as I love her and want her to be in my life, eventually the craziness takes a toll, not just on me but my entire family. At some point you need to protect you!!

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So this election has brought a lot of emotions to the table for many people. We all have opinions but chances are if someone cuts you from their life, Facebook or whatever they more then likely have BIGGER problems then who you voted for!!!


  1. This post election madness has truly gotten out of control. It saddens me to see both side being so negative towards each other and towards society as a whole.

    1. I know its so unbelievable! I pray it settles down soon!