Wednesday, November 30, 2016

DIY wreaths for less than $5

Happy Wednesday and the last day of November!
I am a Christmas decorating fanatic. I love to decorate and every year I seem to find a new project to
do. This year I wanted to make our basement living area more inviting for the holidays with more time spent decorating down there. In the past I always talked about making wreaths for the windows down there but never got around to doing it. Anyone who have made wreaths in the past knows it can get very expensive!  I was at the dollar store the other day and saw that they had wreaths. So I thought I would try to make mine with dollar store wreaths and ornaments and some greens I already had to see what I could come up with!?

First I started with a plain old 15 inch wreath. I got a bunch of ornaments, bells, bows, etc all at the dollar store. I pulled out some greens and ribbon I had at the house and got my glue gun out. I started strategically putting the cut greens around the plain wreath. (This is the very time consuming part.) Next I placed the decorations where I wanted them on the wreath and glued them down. Then I cut the ribbon to size and placed it on the wreath. I think it turned out pretty nice for the price.

Since these turned out so good I decided to go back to the dollar store and see If they had even smaller wreaths so I could make two for my small kitchen windows over the sink.YES they had them! They  looked pretty pitiful but I thought I would give it a try.

I added a bunch of small holly berries around it. Then I added the ribbon and made small little matching bows. I LOVE the way these turned out! Simple but cute. Super easy, and cost only $1 plus they look adorable in the kitchen!!!

Mission accomplished! Now to work on my picture taking skills!!! I just couldn't get the lighting right for these pictures! 


  1. Looks good! You're like a regular Martha Stewart these days!

  2. This wreath is so gorgeous! I have all these ideas of DIY projects like this...then I forget and get inundated with other stuff haha LOVE it though!

    1. Thank You! I started early this year which is so unlike me! LOL

  3. I love the wreath!!!! It's so pretty.