Monday, November 21, 2016

Jaxon's Paw Patrol Party

The weekend is over already and what a weekend it was! With 70 degree temps, a major dust storm, 50 mile an hour winds and snow all within several hours of each other and all during Jaxson's Birthday party...

Saturday morning was busy with making food, cleaning and doing last minute errands before Jaxson's birthday celebration! The temperature at noon was around 70 degrees, very abnormal for a November day in Pa. Jaxson was so excited when his guests started to arrive. Then, the dust storm blew in, looking like a tornado with the leaves blowing around and the wind whipping at up to 50mph!

The temperatures soon dropped into the 30s as we played games and watched Jaxson open his presents, his favorite of which was a Little Tikes basketball hoop! He was never without a smile the whole day, especially when it was time to sing Happy Birthday. He clapped, sang, and blew out the candles, all with a huge smile on his face, followed by the giggles because he was on a sugar high between the cake and the candy table he kept sneaking candy from.



We ended up having around 40 people including children and tons and tons of food! Most people who attended were from out of town some traveling over 2 hours to be here. Its so awesome to have so many people gathered all in one place to celebrate a very loved two year old little boy!

By the time everyone was leaving it was sleeting and snowing and 32 degrees!!! A drop of 40 degrees in a matter of a couple hours!!!

Sunday was a relaxing day catching up on laundry and doing odds and ends. In the evening we celebrated Kaylee's 25th birthday with a family dinner. 

What a blessed weekend we had surrounded by good friends and family. Once again we are reminded how good our God is...

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  1. He loves being the center of attention!

  2. What an adorable party!! It looks like he had a wonderful party. :)

  3. Such an adorable party! You are so creative. :)

  4. Thank You! I love doing this kind of stuff!