Friday, November 11, 2016

Snoopy The Nanny Nurse

Happy Friday!!!

Image result for carl books

Image result for carl books

Has anyone ever heard of the Carl Books? They are the most adorable series of childrens picture books written and illustrated by Alexandra Day. It is about a Rottweiler named Car and a little girl named Madeleine, of whom he takes care of. The illustrations in this near wordless book are exquisite! These were my daughter Kaylee's (now 25) favorite books. She now has her own little boy now that also loves these books.

We have a Carl here at our house in dachshund form. Snoopy, our piebald dachshund thinks he is Jaxson's nanny. I have had dachshunds all my life and typically they are not big baby or kid fans. Don't get me wrong they are very loyal dogs, just unsure of kids and their fast movements.

Since Snoopy was very young we know he was special because anytime someone cried or was sick he would NOT leave their side. We would take him to Nursing Homes to visit the patients and he loved it and they loved him. When Taylor started getting sick, Snoopy would always stay with her and would lay on her stomach as if he knew it was that that was hurting. One time she has a bad case of strep throat and for a couple days he layed on her upper chest by her throat which he has never done before and never did again once she was better from it.

When Jaxson was born we were unsure of how our dogs would react. Snoopy is the youngest of the three dogs and honestly thinks hes a person. He is the type of dog that you forget is a dog if thats possible! Anyway, when Jaxson first came over at 2 days old, Snoopy immediately was curious like any other dog but instantly took the roll of seeing that he is tended to anytime he made a noise. From then on out Snoopy is by Jaxson's side when he is here. When he spends the night or naps, Snoopy is the first one to hear him awake and runs to his door with excitement. Snoopy even knows how to play ball and if Jaxson rolls a ball to him, he will roll it back with his nose.  

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 The other day when I ran into a woman at Walmart with her service dog that was a dachshund. She said they are starting to use dachshunds more and more especially with children that have diabetes. She explained that she has a seizure disorder and her dog warns her before she has one and won't leave her side until she is safe.

Its no surprise that people call dogs,"mans best friend". Now when we ask Jaxson who his best friend is he always says, "Snoopy!" A true faithful friendship!